Computer Science / Information Technology / Electrical& Electronics Engineering/ Electronics & Communication Engineering/ Instrumentation & Control

  • Germany
Courses Description

    Germany, known to be the land of ideas, is one of the crucial places for research based subjects and the best international student records. Computer science,being one of the technology built matters is a very favoured subject to study in Germany under the most renowned universities available there.
    German Universities charging little or no tuition fee offers a much cheaper course than compared to the USA or Canada. One put on advantage to study in Germany is that part time job is comparatively effortless to be met with, which covers roughly 70% of the cost of monthly expenses. The presence of a high standard infrastructure also helps students transform their theoretical knowledge into practicality in their course of education.


    A public university established in 1967, located on a hill called Oberer Eselsberg offers a wide variety of subjects like mathematics, medicine, economics, computer science and so on. The university offers various programs which helps international students to accommodate in a relatively shorter period of time and blend well with the foreign culture and working environment. It offers four different faculties and due to the presence of a medicine faculty, a hospital is associated with the institution. There are no tuition fees needed in the bachelor’s program, however, tuition fees are applied to the master programmes. The entire year is divided into two semesters like most universities there, the summer and the winter semester. The affordable pedagogy at the University of ULM makes it an extremely well demanded institution amongst young learners across the world.


    Established in 10th October 1870, its motto suggesting “Thinking the Future”, Rwth Aachen University is a forum with the best teaching faculty, world class education, more than 50,000 students, unique research region and over 200 research faculties extended over a massive area. To students, it is like a little town surrounded by the exquisite views and recreational centres. The Rwth Aachen University consists of 9 faculties and Rwth AAchen University of Mechanical Engineering is one of them.
    The computer science department is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. Practical knowledge is a very significant feature for students to understand the subject better. Rwth Aachen makes it necessary for students to attend the practical sessions for a stronger grasp over the subject. Being a public university, a nominal annual fee of around €600 is charged per semester and being the foremost university in terms of education, it continues to be in the service of domestic as well as international students a step ahead with every passing day as well.


    Established in 1970 and independent from its twin university in 1975, Technical University of Kaiserslautern is one of the largest IT locations in Germany. The department of computer science is a sector which was present since the origin of the university, making it one of the strongest departments of the University. It’s PhD subsection is certainly one of the first PhD locations to be formed in the entire country of Germany. There are over 12 faculties and fourteen thousand students currently registered in this University from across the world.
  • Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Algorithms, Logic, Digital Media, Serious Games, Computer Networks, Security, Interaction technologies, Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Web Computing, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Big Data Management and Analytics, Data mining, Database Technologies, Semantic Web, Media Software Design, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Information Systems etc. Power Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Wireless Communication, System-on-chip, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Communication Systems, Wireless Networks, Systems & Control, Aerospace Electronics, Mechatronics, Microelectronics, Photonics, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Automation Engineering, Signal Processing etc.