Computer Science / Information Technology / Electrical& Electronics Engineering/ Electronics & Communication Engineering/ Instrumentation & Control

  • Germany

Computer science, the foundational science for various allied and branch disciplines on topics most relevant to today's technology dominated world.
Dealing with the theory and practical application of information ,computation it is now considered a base degree for many career avenues.Business Analyst, Software developer, Cloud computing, data scientist, full stack developer to name a few.
Learning Computer science in Germany , the pinnacle of technology, its application and revolution, is an unparalleled experience and you can get all this and more entirely free of tuition fees.
Being one of the fastest moving countries in the globe to adapt digitisation the natural outcome has been an exponential growth in the demand for CS and IT Professionals. Students in Germany get excellent internship options as well in this field as the country is urgently trying to move towards self sufficiency in future-ready IT professionals.Hence the scope is humungous and the sky is the limit for CS professionals in Germany.

Courses Description
  • Germany, known to be the land of ideas, is one of the crucial places for research based subjects and the best international student records. Computer science,being one of the technology built matters is a very favoured subject to study in Germany under the most renowned universities available there.
  • German Universities charging little or no tuition fee offers a much cheaper course than compared to the USA or Canada. One put on advantage to study in Germany is that part time job is comparatively effortless to be met with, which covers roughly 70% of the cost of monthly expenses. The presence of a high standard infrastructure also helps students transform their theoretical knowledge into practicality in their course of education.
  • Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Algorithms, Logic, Digital Media, Serious Games, Computer Networks, Security, Interaction technologies, Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Web Computing, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Big Data Management and Analytics, Data mining, Database Technologies, Semantic Web, Media Software Design, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Information Systems etc. Power Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Wireless Communication, System-on-chip, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Communication Systems, Wireless Networks, Systems & Control, Aerospace Electronics, Mechatronics, Microelectronics, Photonics, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Automation Engineering, Signal Processing etc.